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Ready for some Trouble? Trouble Whiskey is excited to launch our blog where we’ll share more about what happens behind the scenes, what makes our brand of whiskey unique, our favorite drink recipes, and how you can become a part of our growing rat pack of whiskey lovers.


How We Got Started

Let’s take a “sip” down memory lane and talk about how Trouble Whiskey came to be. It all started with Ryan—Founder, President, and CEO from Nashville—who had a business mindset for most of his life. From lawnmowing and woodworking to smoothie stands and organizing community events, Ryan always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Before delving into whiskey, he also started a clothing and coffee business that are still in business today and serving all types of customers—it doesn’t matter who you are. Just be cool and you’ll fit in just fine.

Ryan was also incredibly grateful for the influence of his family and friends throughout his business ventures. His wife, Sarah, has always been a great support system to share ideas and get her thoughts on his crazy business ideas. Ryan’s mother, grandparents, business partners, and group of close friends have also been a great network of support for him.

Trouble Whiskey was an evolution from multiple entrepreneurial endeavors. Ryan took everything he learned from his business pursuits and used them to craft a whiskey brand that would stand out in a competitive market. What makes it different? He took a much different approach than your typical retailer specializing in alcoholic beverages, but we’ll get to that soon. Hint: there’s so much more than what’s inside the bottle. To learn more about Ryan and his background, take a look at his interview featured in Shoutout Miami.

Pop Open the Bottle

Fast forward to present day and the company is standing strong as a South Florida whiskey and lifestyle brand. You can easily order Trouble Whiskey online and ship it directly to your doorstep within two days. 

So, what’s inside? Trouble Whiskey is popular for its unique flavor combinations of caramel, vanilla, dark chocolate, and spicy flavor notes, and has a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% barley. You can also order any quantity you want on the website and it makes a great gift along with our other items in the shop.

It’s All About the Lifestyle

In an already saturated market, Ryan had to think outside the bottle and build so much more than a whiskey brand you could conveniently buy online. For this reason, Trouble is more than a glass of high-quality rye whiskey—it’s an experience and a taste of a new lifestyle. It’s a way to connect with others who share similar interests.

Can you think of any other whiskey brand that offers a monthly whiskey club that hosts regular Zoom meetings with their members? Most whiskey memberships subscribe you to monthly deliveries or access to tastings and events, which is still a great perk, but Trouble Whiskey pours more in your glass.

This is an elevated membership where our club members get exposure to Trouble Whiskey’s behind the scenes. Members hear business updates and chat with the Trouble Whiskey team. You really feel like you’re a part of a community. The club is called The Rat Pack and you get exclusive discounts, special Trouble recipes, a free member shirt, and first dibs on our merchandise. The group is continuously growing with more great people and also offers top-of-the-line apparel.

Paying it Forward

Trouble Whiskey is focused on doing so much more than offering merchandise and discounts; the company strongly believes in giving back to communities. It’s one of the company’s highest priorities to make this a regular part of doing business. From sponsoring high school sports teams to donating to breast cancer research programs, Trouble Whiskey always wants to find ways to pay it forward and help others.

A Page from our Recipe Book

You should take a page out of our book—our recipe book, that is. Each month, we’ll feature one of our favorite Trouble recipes. We hope you find something new that becomes your signature, go-to drink. Let’s raise a glass and toast to trying new things!

We’re giving you a special sneak peek at our Christmas recipe created by Sarah Smedley, Trouble Whiskey’s Master Mixologist. Try it out and snap a photo with your holiday drink using #TroubleWhiskey.

The Tannenbaum

2 oz. Trouble

1 oz. Chambord

1 oz. Sparkling Wine

All of our unique recipes are created by Trouble Whiskey's Master Mixologist, Sarah Smedley.

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